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We produce a range of ham products at constant quality and with optimal slicing yield. Our products include traditional cooked ham and clean-label products. In sliceable form, pre-sliced or as small portionable products.

The composition, flavour, shape and packaging of our products can be fully tailored to meet customers’ requirements for optimal processing in meals, salads, pizzas, snacks, bake-off products, soups and sauces.

Cooked ham cubes
Cooked diced ham
Cooked ham strips
Cooked ham cubes
Smoked gammon, round
Grilled gammon, round
Gammon, toasted sandwich size
Reformed cooked ham
Smoked gammon, semi-circle
Triangular gammon with cheese
Square ham slices
Triangular ham slices
Semi-circular ham slices
Round ham slices
Rectangular ham slices
Oval ham slices

Product applications

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Besides ham we also produce tailor-made bacon products. Streaky bacon, back bacon and pre-cooked bacon in the flavour, shape and packaging you require.

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